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TaROt ReadiNgS

If you struggle to answer the hard questions and are uncomfortable with the unknown, we should chat! I began reading Tarot in college as a way to combat anxiety. Initially, I used my deck as a tool for divination until I realized Tarot is an agent for self-revelation. I’m fixated on the stories of the cards and their ability to help me build a deeper connection with my conscious and subconscious mind. 


As a curious storyteller and empathetic interviewer, I aim to use Tarot as a way to encourage others to break out of their shells and face harsh truths. I’ve started What’s in the Cards, a newsletter that documents a conversation between an amateur Tarot reader (that’s me!) and an interesting person (perhaps you?) during a traditional three-card spread. I currently offer private readings on a sliding scale via Zoom. Hopefully, I'll do them at a dive bar again soon.

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