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SpeakiNg & EventS

Like a true Gemini, I’m not one to shy away from a microphone or camera. As a speaker, I am eager to engage in conversations about city life, pop culture, entertainment and wellness.

​ThE futuRe Of NOstAlgia

I’ve written numerous articles about events and pop-ups in New York that were heavily inspired by eras of the past. I spoke on a panel with other creatives about nostalgia and the impact it has on consumers.

PeRiOd PaRtY

New Women Space hosted a tell-all event exploring the good, the bad and the bloody parts of a taboo topic: Periods. I read my essay about being a late bloomer as a woman with PCOS. I also worked with the event creator to write a press release for the gathering. This event was covered by The New York Times.

RefineRy29’s 29ROOmS


After covering the immensely popular 29Rooms exhibition in 2017, Refinery29 asked me to moderate a panel comprising a few artists and collaborators involved with the project. Read more about my coverage of 29Rooms here.

Live SegmentS


In 2017, I went on NBC News to talk about the best things to do in New York during October. I was a regular guest on Pix11 from 2016 through 2017. You can watch me discuss similar events for CBS.

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