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Branding & COpywritiNg


Words for the wise 


Words are the action hero in the film that is your brand. They’re your best shot at drawing in an audience and leaving them wanting more—so let’s make them genuine and awesome, like Keanu Reeves.


Content ConjuroR 

Translation: Copywriter

I craft spellbinding, crystal-clear copy for visionaries, solopreneurs and small businesses who want to elevate their digital presence and grow customer relationships. Once we talk shop, I promise to create compelling, editorial-quality content that is credible, impactful and tailored to your brand’s voice and preferences. You have my word(s) and Oxford commas if those are your thing.

Bronze background featuring a dual outlined archway in cream listing a menu of services: website copy ($400), branding copy ($300), social copy ($150) and content writing (from $250)

Website Copy

Your URL is the nexus of your brand; give it a powerful voice so it sounds like you IRL. I’ll create and fine-tune every page to ensure your site sings like a sweet songbird. 


Branding Copy

Building your brand’s DNA starts with its description, name and aim, plus the copy attached to your products or services. Let's make it worthy of a billboard. 


Social Copy 

Examples include non-condescending infographics, strategic content franchises, clever captions and #s that will inspire your followers to like, comment and save. 


Content Writing 

Copywriting is direct and sells an idea or brand; content writing contains multitudes. Long and short-form content, newsletters, interviews and video scripts all fall under this category, so let's get creative.


Word wrangler 

Translation: Copyeditor

Not your first rodeo? It’s empowering to tell the story behind your business in your own words, but even the most lionized writers need a hawk-eyed editor to watch out for errors like the misuse of “your” or “you’re.” Let me take the reins to perfect and proofread your text so it does your brand’s mission, services, or products justice. Pricing varies depending on word count. 

kind Words​

“I had the pleasure of working with Jen while editing my first e-book. Jen was incredibly easy to work and collaborate with throughout the entire process. She was eager to assist, gave useful suggestions to improve the book and was available whenever I needed her help. I can’t recommend her enough!”

— Tannis Spencer, Founder of Micole Creative Studios

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